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Tribute: Polish Squadrons in Battle of Britain

Kosciuszko Squadron is famous for claiming the highest number of enemy kills during the Battle of Britain of all fighter squadrons

Hitler ordered his forces to invade Britain in July, 1940. As a prelude to the invasion, the Luftwaffe was to overpower Britain's air defenses. The Battle of Britain lasted 4 months and resulted in the defeat of the Luftwaffe and ended the threat of a German invasion.

15 percent of allied pilots were Polish, and the highest scoring squadron was the Polish Air Force 303 (Kosciuszko) Squadron which accounted for downing 125 enemy planes. The highest scoring allied fighter pilot was also a member of that squadron. The Polish pilots were responsible for 201 of the Luftwaffe's 1100 planes lost. The contribution of experienced Polish pilots to winning the battle was decisive.

[Detailed Information of Polish Squadrons]

The tradition continues today. Here is video from the roll out of F-16's in Polish Air Force.



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