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Polish Announcer

Chet Zablocki

Polish-American Media

Melodies of Poland - WCWA Toledo
Tribute to Chet Zablocki - IPA Polka Hall of Fame
WPNA Radio - Chicago** 
WNVR Radio - Chicago** 
WNWI Radio - Chicago** 
Polvison - Chicago
Polonia Today Online - Chicago
Polish-American Journal
Polish News Bi-lingual Monthy - Chicago
Polvison - Chicago
Polish/Poland Webring (Portal)
Polish Organization Links   (Portal)
Polish-Americans in Toledo, Ohio USA

Polish Blogs, Groups, Etc.

Polish Toledo Blog by D. Kutylowski
Polish - American Forum
17th Century Polish Living History

*   International
** Can listen or view via Internet link


Polish Media

Polskie Radio **
Polish TV Newscasts - View On Demand**
Polish Television - Poland, Canada, USA
Rzeczpospolitia - Daily Newspaper
Gazeta.pl - Daily Newspaper
Nowy Dziennik - Daily Newspaper on-line
Zycie Warszawy - Daily Newspaper
Poland Monthly
Inside Poland - News
Polish Business News
Polish News (English) *
Polish Newsroom (Polski)
List of Polish Journal, periodicals and More
BBC World Service - Polish Section

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A Must Read
for Toledo Polonians

There's a chance you'll find this movie offensive if you don't like the taste of czarnina (duck blood soup)
Rent it, but watch twice.

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