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Polska Archeologia

At the foot of Winnej Góry - discovery of the oldest trace of humans in Poland

Museums Displaying Archaeological Finds

National Museum of Archaeology
Archaeological Museum of Kraków
Łęczyca Castle
National Museum Kraków
National Museum Warszawa

Interesting Archaeological Finds

The most well known site in Polish archaeology is the fortified Bronze and early Iron Age settlement built between 750 and 400 BC near Biskupin, in the north-west of Poland. Biskupin was and is often referred to as the "Polish Pompeii".

Polish Archeaology Reconstruction
Partially reconstructed Biskupin

Winnej Góry
The oldest trace of humans in Poland is being researched at Winnej Góry. The Municipality of Trzebnica is leading efforts to exploit the archaeological site discovery in the coming years creating a new regional attraction for locals, tourists and visitors to the city visitors.

Oldest Polish Archeaology Dig

Bell Breakers
Recently, archaeologists made a surprising find in Suprasl, near Bialystok in north-east Poland. The so-called Bell Beaker culture in the Podlaskie region dates back several thousand years.

Bell Breaker

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5,000 year old Bronze bracelet
A bronze bracelet from the 3rd century BC has been discovered in Pakoszówka near Sanok. This jewelry is one of the most valuable objects associated with the Celts discovered in the region.

The remains of a bracelet found at Sanok

Old Gold
Gold items preliminarily dated to 1600-400 BC have been discovered by a farmer near Jasło in the Subcarpathia. 2000 years before Christ the area was inhabited by people of the Pleszów group of the Mierzanowice culture, which lived under strong Transcarpathian influence.

Bracelet found at Jasło


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