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Various Other Polish Stations
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Radio Pik - 100.1 FM
Bydgoszcz (World Talk)

Radio Opole - 96.3 FM
Opole (Adult Contemporary)

Radio Zak - 88.8 FM

Radio Szczecin - 92.0 FM

Radio Blue FM 103.4

Radio Index - 96.0 FM
Zielona Gora

Many Polish radio sations play a mix of Polish and English lyric songs.

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Polish Toledo Music

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Polskie Radio Live Streaming of Service 1, 2 and 3

Service 1 & 3 play many songs with English lyrics
Polonia Service is mostly English Announcers but Polish Music
All service offer both music and talk programming on their schedules

Several More Polish Radio Stations Streaming live across the Internet [Click Here]

As you can see not everything in Polish music
is parochial - see side bar


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[Echoes of Poland]

Polish born musical identical triples play pop to classic

[All About Polish Dance]

The Briefest History of Polish Music

Heavier Than Aluminum

Poland has a very active underground Extreme Metal Music Scene. Some of the bands that have heralded and helped the cause are Vader, Behemoth, Yattering, Decapitated, Graveland, Baphomets Throne, and Dissenter. This has paved ground for a large underground movement. One of the biggest record labels of death metal in Poland is Empire Records.

Polish Music Radio - Listen Online

Polish Radio - listen online to music and talk radio.
Polish Radio and real-time listening to Polish Radio
broadcasts from a variety of stations and music types.
Radio Poland and 100 stations at your fingertips

See Radio from Poland choices above

Polish Radio

Polskie Radio Spólka Akcyjna (PR S.A.; English: Polish Radio) is Poland's national publicly funded radio broadcasting organization.

Polskie Radio was founded on 18 August 1925 and began making regular broadcasts from Warsaw on 18 April 1926. Before the Second World War, Polish Radio operated one national channel – broadcast from 1931 from one of Europe's most powerful longwave transmitters, situated at Raszyn just outside Warsaw and destroyed in 1939 by the invading German Army – and nine regional stations.

After the war, Polskie Radio came under the tutelage of the state public broadcasting body Komitet do Spraw Radiofonii "Polskie Radio" (later "Polskie Radio i Telewizja" - PRT, Polish Radio and Television). This body was dissolved in 1992, Polskie Radio S.A. and Telewizja Polska S.A. becoming independent corporations, each of which was admitted to full active membership of the European Broadcasting Union on 1 January 1993.

Pretty sure this would not exist under communism
Group UNSUN with female frontman

It's easy to stream Polish music from anywhere in the world., including from the bluetooth system on your Viking Yacht for sale Yhere's nothing better than boating and listening to classic Polish songs.

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