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TAPS hosts dances several times per year at its home base, PRUCA Misiuda Hall 5255 N. Detroit Ave., Toledo, OH 43612. It also sponsors Bus trips to major Polka events from time to time. See dance schedule down page.

Membership Info:
Membership can be purchased at any dance or [Click Here] for printable application form. More info Kevin Kwiatkowski at 419-691-5684. Membership is only $6.00 per year.

Special Recognition:
TAPS (The Toledo Area Polka Society) was born over 25 years ago. Its founding members had a vision to keep Polka Music alive. There's a concept that Polish music is very oom-pa-pa, very heavy and very old, you'll find in today's Polish world that is just not the case. The bands have established more of a beat and a sound that really attracts a young crowd.

Streaming Polka Music Listen to Polkas 24/7
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Polish New Castle Radio

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Randy Krajewski &
BADINOV "Pod Nogi Polka"

Two Sisters Polka

A little untraditional, but it just goes to show you the teens of today have their own way to enjoy polkas.

Encourage our youth for self expression in their own updated way to keep polka music alive for years to come. It's all about FUN!

"In Heaven There Is No Beer" is a terrific polka documentary available on VCR at the Toledo Library Audio/Video Dept. and can be ordered for pick-up at any branch

  Toledo Area Polka Society


Toledo Area Polka Society

Thanks for visiting - Hope to see you at a dance very soon!

The Toledo Area Polka Society (TAPS) is a non-profit organization. It started in 1982 when a group of polka enthusiasts met in an East Toledo garage. From its early days at LaPark Nite Club, their purpose in starting the group was simply to promote live Polish music. What started out with 25 members grew to a one-time peak of approximately 750 members before an aging core caused the group to plateau at its current level of 400 enthusiasts. Its first officers, Tom Ross president, Dick Reed vice president, Ruth Silka treasurer, Dolores Ziemianski secretary, and Walter Ziemianski sergeant of arms set its direction in the early days. It now hosts dances several months of the year at its home base, PRCUA HALL 5155 N. Detroit in North Toledo. (See schedule below) It also sponsors Bus trips to major Polka events from time to time.

TAPS Officers:

David Snyder - President
Jim Rutkowski - Vice President
Mike Marek - Treasurer
Judy Kwiatkowski - Secretary
Jennifer Kaczmarczyk - Sgt. at Arms
Joe Zalewski - Promotion Chair
Kevin Kwiatkowski - Membership Chair
Cindy Rutkowski and Allan Rutkowski - Trustees
Jim Mackiewicz - Ex-Officio

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2020 TAPS Schedule of Dances
PRCUA's Misiuda Hall 5155 N. Detroit, Toledo, Ohio 43612

Doors open 1:30PM, Music 2PM
Members: $10 / Guests: $15
Some dances on Saturdays see schedule below

  • 2020 Schedule

Sunday March 22 - Duane Malinowski Orchestra

Saturday April 4 - DynaBrass

Weekend of June 19 & 20
6thAnnual Polish Summer Picnic
Oak Shade Grove - Oregon, Ohio
      Friday - Crusade Reunion
      Saturday - Duane Malinowski Orchestra
                      Tri-City Drive
                      Polish Connection

Saturday Sept 19 - Jerry Kaminski's Polka Network

Sunday October 11 - John Stevens

Saturday November 7 - Randy Krajewski & Choice

SUnday December 6 - The Boys

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   For More Information visit [www.tapspolkas.com]
   Toledo Area Polka Society on Facebook [TAPS Facebook Page]
    or e-mail to [TAPS]

Dues remain at $6.00 per year:
Contact Kevin Kwiatkowski at 419-691-5684

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Snapshots above of some featured bands and happy polka dancing members of TAPS courtesy of Felix & Stella's Polka USA. Visit their website scroll down this page.

Amateur videos of Famous Polka Bands:   [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

More Polish music than you can shake a kiebasa at !

Felix & Stella's Polish Dance Calendar from Polka USA

Click for 24/7 Polka Heaven Streaming Polkas 

24 hours a day everyday of the year

The sheet music cover displays dancers dressed in European finery, engaging in a polka. Originating in Eastern Europe, polkas came to America after having gained popularity in Parisian ballrooms and salons in the 1840's. The polka is just one example of the immigrant influence on dancing style and technique.

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Busia plays the blues?
Check out the music page
You'll be surprised at how
diverse Polish music is

Felix & Stella's Polish Dance Calendar from Polka USA

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